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Shitto (Pepper Sauce) - Hot
Item# 8001-FD

enlarge picture
This delectable pepper sauce will leave you asking for more! But beware, it is HOT !!!!

It comes in a jar "sealed for your protection".

Goes with anything. Can be served with rice, potatoes, meat, you name it! You can use it to spice up any kind of dish - soup, salad, noodles, pizza, meatballs, chicken, fish, steak, eggs. You can either mix it in a recipe, use as a marinade or sauté - or use as a condiment on the dinner table. In Ghana, it is served with kenkey, gari, and fufu -- and is often served in restaurants as a dipping sauce for chicken.

100% natural, and 100% African!

Made in Ghana, then is imported and distributed in the United States. Net weight: 300 grams.

Price: $OUT OF STOCK      

  (plus estimated shipping cost $)

approx. 6 in. tall
approx. 2.25 in. wide

Weight:     0.6 kg (1.16 lbs)

Made From:     Smoked fish, shrimp, onion, garlic, ginger, tomato puree, soy oil, cayenne pepper, salt.

Ships From:     Ghana
Product will differ slightly from pictures due to the fact that ea. one is crafted individually.


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